Northern California Brewers Guild


“Competition breeds better everything. It can only elevate the Craft Beer scene.”


In 2006, six breweries in Sacramento collaborated and founded the Northern California Brewers Guild (NCBG).  With the rapidly growing popularity of craft beer in California, NCBG now has a membership of more than 95 commercial-sized breweries.

Located in the heart of America’s craft beer movement, NCBG is a professional organization of breweries stretching from the San Joaquin Valley to the Oregon border, from the Pacific Coast to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  NCBG is one of the largest nonprofit craft beer guilds in the United States, and continually strives toward its goal of promoting the responsible consumption of craft beer in Northern California.

President Glynn Phillips is proud that these breweries produce some of the best ales and lagers in the world, receiving national and international recognition for their popularity and quality.  Northern California is famous for its innovation with both new and creative brewing methods hundreds of years old.  NCBG supports the regional craft beer communities that demonstrate our diversity of brewing traditions, all of which are uniquely Californian.